Impressive 3D art catches Mandurah's attention

There are a few colourful and exciting new additions to the streets of Mandurah in the form of three-dimensional artworks.

Popular locations in the city centre have recently been transformed by highly awarded Australian pavement artist, Jenny McCracken, with impressive 3D illusions to pose and play with.

The tourism draw card aims to create fun new photo opportunities for visitors, as well as locals, in town.

A remarkable depiction of the Peel-Harvey Estuary jumps out from the pavement in front of the Mandurah Visitor Centre on Mandurah Terrace.

In the Mandurah Marina, at the corner of Dolphin Drive and Spinnaker Quays, a giant pelican about to enjoy a fish dinner is set upon the wall of Blue Gatehouse.

Meanwhile, on the Mandurah Bridge, an iconic blue swimmer crab extends a nipper to welcome those who make the journey across the new bridge.

Visit Mandurah general manager Anita Kane said the locations were strategically selected to encourage people to linger a little longer in the city centre and encourage them to walk over to the marina.

"Visit Mandurah has identified public 3D art and 3D street painting as a great way to entertain and interact with visitors," she said.

"It also encourages people to stop and pose with the art and share their photos on social media, promoting our wonderful city.

"The subjects of the artworks are designed to educate people about Mandurah's abundant marine wildlife and the fact our estuary is twice the size of Sydney Harbour."

Mandurah mayor Rhys Williams said the artwork was a "unique" asset to Mandurah.

"There are big things and small things that we can do to really shape the new story for Mandurah," he said.

"Artwork is a small way to make a big difference.

"What we want to do is have people taking photos of themselves with the dolphins and pelicans and put it on social media and send that all over the world so people know to come to Mandurah."

Each artwork has clear markers to indicate the best position to stand for the 3D effect as well as a fact about Mandurah and its wildlife.

The installation of the 3D artworks is expected to last for around 12 months.

People posting photos are encouraged to use the hashtag #visitmandurah. For more information, head to the Visit Mandurah website.