Pinjarra Senior High School students give a helping hand

Pinjarra Senior High School students are giving a helping hand, recycling plastic bottle tops to create prosthetic limbs.

Year 7 students have been collecting the plastic caps for a few months to support the Envision Hands project - a humanitarian initiative to provide prosthetic limbs to disadvantaged communities throughout India and other third world countries.

To produce the prosthetic arms, the plastic caps are separated by colour, ripped and shredded into small pellets, made into 3D printing filament before being 3D printed and provided to those in need.

Teacher Lauren Day said the initiative was a chance for students to give back to the wider community.

"I had started collecting for this cause myself at home, but after finding out there were more collection points, I thought it would be a great opportunity," she said.

"The students have reached out to family members and friends of the family to help collect these lids and it is so wonderful to see."

In addition to donating the plastic caps, students have also learnt about the waste cycle, recycling and how to become a part of the solution as part of the project.

Year 7 student Rylee Carrodus said contributing to the cause had given her a chance to help those less fortunate and expanded her perspective.

"When you collect lids you are helping children who are missing limbs and we are giving them a second chance at doing normal stuff we take for granted," she said.

Thousands of caps have been collected by staff and students since the collection points were set up in the school canteen and staff room in July.