Lakelands Community Choir to perform at Mandurah Bridge Walk this weekend

Lakelands Community Choir to perform at Mandurah Bridge Walk this weekend

The Lakelands Community Choir has been hard at work recently, rehearsing with members of the West Australian Opera for an upcoming performance as part of the Mandurah Arts Festival's Wearable Art Mandurah Bridge Walk this weekend.

Fifteen of this year's Wearable Art garments will be transformed into a stunning, moving story that takes viewers from the Eastern Foreshore, through the Rogue Forest in Tuckey Lane, under the Mandurah Bridge to Dalrymple Park.

The event is being held in partnership with the West Australian Opera and will include members Pia Harris, Theodore Murphy-Jelley, conductor Matt Reuben James Ward and accompanist Adrian Soares alongside the Choir.

Last Saturday, the Choir held one of their final rehearsals at the Lakelands Library in preparation for the big event, with close to 50 participants singing joyously to Vale Decem, which translates to Farewell 10.

The Lakelands Community Choir includes members from around Mandurah and Murray, with one member even singing to learn English.

Choir members including Fred Pragnell, June Ring and Marilyn Buckley agreed it was a great opportunity to be singing with the West Australian Opera, and were excited for the weekend's performance.

Ms Ring said singing "fills her with joy" and Mr Pragnell said he was "gobsmacked" when he learnt the choir would be singing with the opera.

Choir members also recently visited the WA Opera studio for World Singing Day.

The Bridge Walk will take place this Saturday, November 9 from 5.30-6.30pm at the Mandurah Bridge fishing platforms and boardwalk, starting on the Eastern Foreshore.