Awesome getaways await

The Peel region's many attractions and its reputation as a wonderful holiday and tourist location were the inspiration behind the establishment of Kaleidoscope Tours earlier this year.

After extensive research, director/owner Paula created the business to enable guests who live locally, interstate or abroad to enjoy a memorable 'daycation'.

"We understand how time-poor everyone is and we offer the Day Tour Escape plan, where guests and mates, or partners, families and friends can have a daycation and an awesome getaway. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond with excellent customer service," Paula said.

Kaleidoscope Tours' extensive range includes the Romantic, Winery, Brewery, Botanica, Busselton and the Ferguson Valley tours, plus special family tours including the zoo, pirate ship and other enjoyable activities.

"Cruise Mandurah waters on the dolphin boat and visit an excellent variety of local breweries or wineries afterwards," Paula said.

"Enjoy a stunning, fun-filled day with a comfortable scenic drive to Busselton or a beautiful day in nature and flowers on the Botanica tour."

"We also offer specialised romantic tours where guests can show how much their loved one means to them by taking them on an unforgettable romantic tour with a flight or cruise - ideal for a proposal or anniversary."

"We also offer very cost-effective three-hour tours for those who wish to have a half-day tour."

"We offer private customised charters and airport transfers between Mandurah and Perth domestic and international airports," Paula said, adding the flexibility offered by Kaleidoscope Tours sets it apart.

"Every tour can be customised, and we are extremely flexible with regards to special events, outings and needs of guests," she said.

"We also cater for children and have tours especially for them to enjoy."

"The Romantic Tour is unique in the region and we are highly motivated in offering the most professional, friendly and enjoyable tours."

"We are a privately-owned-and-operated company, fully insured and licensed, we have safe, clean and comfortable vehicles and pride ourselves on being completely honest and sincere. We are trustworthy and reliable, which is very important to us."

The Kaleidoscope Tours team also makes it a priority to keep up to date with trends in the industry.

"Nationally we have seen rising numbers of tourists due to direct flights from overseas to Perth and more tourists are visiting our state every year."

"On a national level, we see tourist visits increasing to WA as well. Locally, we have seen more guests going on a day outing with friends or family as it is cost-effective to go away for a day and enjoy being together without worrying about the planning or logistics of the day," Paula said.

Like so many others, Paula loves Mandurah and the Peel region for its beauty and many options it offers.

"The location is magnificent and we are all blessed to be able to call the Peel region home. The small businesses in our community are working hard to ensure visitor numbers continue to increase by providing excellent services," she said.

A proudly local, community-minded business, Kaleidoscope Tours networks with businesses and venues across the region and beyond, introducing visiting guests to them which, in turn, allows those businesses to showcase themselves and potentially increase their own income.

"We also utilise the services of local businesses for all our advertising, marketing, financial services and maintenance requirements," Paula said.