Adelphi Living | Accommodation and care


Adelphi Living is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and has been operating successfully for the past 12 years in dementia-specific and disability sectors.

Howard Emery, an experienced CEO and a board member for various care providers, said the introduction of the NDIS created opportunities to support participants in attaining control of their lives and making decisions in their best interest.

"With our team's knowledge and experience, we know we strive to deliver the highest standard of service and support to our participants," he said.

Mr Emery planned the business model and has directed and led the team since its inception. Today, a team of seven work at the head office in various accounting, administration, services, property management and training-related roles.

"And as each home is commissioned, we shall directly employ another seven," he said.

What sets Adelphi Living apart from many in the industry is that it operates specifically for the delivery of NDIS services, Mr Emery said.

"Our person-centred delivery of services, as opposed to the old, traditional, task-driven model, was developed and trialled successfully in conjunction with the Curtin University for participants and staff alike. Our staff are comprehensively trained, with measured outcomes in place to ensure we continually seek to meet the participants' needs and choices," he said.

Adelphi Living understands the ethos and outcomes required with NDIS, Mr Emery said.

He said participants are able, under NDIS, to choose their service providers and their accommodation, unlike the old WA disability scheme which made transition to new providers extremely difficult.

"We are well-governed, and we provide our services within new, beautiful, purpose built-homes. Participants are able to choose their own large bedroom, each with its own assisted ensuite. The fees paid by participants are only 25 per cent of disability pension, again as described by NDIS legislation," he said.

Mr Emery and the team believe it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry.

"We can see we are innovators and leaders in the provision of supported, independent living. We see a range of issues to overcome with older providers that we do not have to face," he said.

Disability services can be a complex field and, as such, Mr Emery recommends people seek professional advice.

"The NDIS structure provides opportunities to seek such assistance. People also need to compare their experience with their existing providers and accommodation to that provided by Adelphi Living - that's essential," he said.