Mandurah teenager receives WA Bravery Award for courage in helping man who suffered heart attack

A courageous Mandurah teenager was awarded a prestigious accolade at a state awards ceremony on Friday, after her quick thinking to help a man that had suffered a heart attack.

Royal Life Saving Society WA held their 2019 Bravery Awards at the State Reception Centre in Kings Park to acknowledge the selfless acts of people across Western Australia.

Megan Larmour, 16, received the Gold Medallion Bravery Award from WA Governor Kim Beazley.

The crowd heard how Megan was having breakfast at a café in Mandurah when she was alerted to an emergency unfolding nearby.

A man had suffered a heart attack in the shopping centre carpark and collapsed.

A staff member from a nearby business noticed the unconscious victim, phoned emergency services, then ran to the café and asked if anyone knew first aid.

Trained in first aid due to her job as a lifeguard, Megan immediately ran to the carpark and began to check the condition of the man.

She couldn't detect a pulse or breathing and began performing CPR on the victim.

The staff member returned with a defibrillator and Megan cut the man's clothing and applied the defibrillator, shocking him twice while continuing to perform compressions with the help of another bystander.

The man was taken to hospital where he was revived and placed into an induced coma.

Sadly after 48 hours he was declared brain dead and his family made the decision to turn off his life support.

However, Megan's prompt actions meant his family was able to say goodbye and also ensured that his organs remained viable so his family was able to donate them to save the lives of others.