Annette: Cold Case Unlocked - Now is the time for authorities to get justice for Annette Deverell's family

Now that the Annette: Cold Case Unlocked four-part podcast is out, all I am left with is questions.

This unsolved Mandurah cold case from almost 40 years ago feels completely unfinished.

Questions fill my mind.

When will police actively review Annette Deverell's case? Why has the case never had a reward? Is the killer still living in town? When will there be a coronial inquest?

After speaking with Annette's family, friends and acquaintances, I truly believe she knew the people or person involved in her death.

Her brothers, Michael, Malcolm and Jason, are now grown men and want to know what happened to their sister.


Annette's mother Margaret is in her early 80s. She said she wants answers before she dies.

If the police are not going to actively re-investigate the case then surely, after 39 years, they will send the case to the coroner so the family can get the answers they deserve.

Annette's family trusted police were doing all they could to find out what happened to their beloved daughter and sister.

But as we learned in Annette: Cold Case Unlocked, officers on the ground faced hurdle after hurdle in their efforts to solve Annette's case.

It seemed resourcing was the main barrier in solving Annette's case in the 1980s, with an officer from Midland tasked to investigate Annette's disappearance, and later her suspected murder.


After researching this story for 12 months, I honestly believe there is more for police to do.

Annette's bag, the contents inside her bag, the gun found near her remains and the blood-stained towel are all in police storage.

They need to be tested for DNA.

We don't want the family to still be left wondering at the 40-year anniversary of Annette's disappearance next September.

I am pleased that the police have requested for a reward for information that helps solve the case. But I really hope it is at least $250,000, the same as what is being offered in other cold cases.

Like Annette's brother Digger told us this week, if someone who knows something hasn't come forward in 39 years, the reward needs to be substantial enough to tempt them to do so now.

I hope this podcast series has provided Annette's family with some comfort and brought Annette back to life in a way.

Now it's time for the authorities to deliver justice for Annette.