Sight to behold: Drone footage highlights a picturesque Mandurah from the sky | Video

A new video featuring impressive drone footage of Mandurah's waterways has been posted on YouTube, highlighting the best angles of the Peel region.

With more than two years of drone-flying behind him, James Baylee captured the stunning shots from the sky and edited it into a funky video set to hip hop music.

Sending his drone into the air on September 17, Mr Baylee told the Mandurah Mail he decided to fly that day to test out some new gear.

"I've only had that particular drone for a couple of weeks so I was just taking it out to see how it would perform with bucket loads of cloud," he said.

"I thought it would be hopeless but I just wanted to see how it goes. It was really good."

Hailing from Roleystone, Mr Baylee works in drone photography and real estate for a living but loves to shoot footage for fun in his time off.

He has made videos capturing the natural environments of Coogee, Binningup and even his home town in the hills.

But Mr Baylee said he often travels to Mandurah to film drone videos for his YouTube channel.

"I like shooting in Mandurah - I could spend the whole day there shooting the beaches, around the estuary and finding dolphins," he said.

"I like to chase the sunsets and anywhere there is water, that always looks amazing and I definitely want to do a sunset in Mandurah soon because it looks fantastic with the bridge all lit up.

"Mandurah is one of the few places, I think, that looks 10 times as good now as it did 15 years ago."

And as for the music, Mr Baylee said the R'n'B soundtrack made for a unique viewing experience.

"I had a conversation with my mother who said she didn't like the music on my other videos so I thought I would give her something I knew she wouldn't like just to rile her up a bit," he said.

"My kids were dancing to this track and I like rap and hip hop myself so it was a bit of tongue-in-cheek. I know that they don't go together but it just proves that you can edit to anything.

"Sometimes that long, drawn-out cinematic music gets boring so it's nothing serious, just having a bit of fun with it.

"I don't think I will be using too much more of it in the scheme of things, it doesn't really suit what I'm trying to put down."

Check out James Baylee's video Mandurah Cinematic Aerial - Hip Hop Edit below.