Listen to episode 1 of Annette Cold Case Unlocked

Annette Cold Case Unlocked: episode 1

It happened almost 40 years ago. And still no resolution. No reward even.

Journalist Carla Hildebrandt has spent months trawling through a cold case that had its origins in Mandurah in 1980.

Annette Deverell went out with her friends and vanished. Simply vanished.

Her four-part podcast pieces together the details of the night Annette vanished, uncover the problems police investigators faced at the time and look at how her death shook the sleepy seaside village of Mandurah in the 1980s - and continues to haunt some of its residents to this day.

This is episode one.

  • The first episode of Annette: Cold Case Unlocked is available now on your favourite podcast app. Search "Annette: Cold Case Unlocked"in Apple Podcast, Spotify, PodBean, TuneIn and SoundCloud.

If you have any information that could help police solve this case, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. You can contact Carla Hildebrandt by emailing

Photo credit: Margaret Carver, Mandurah Historical Society, Carla Hildebrandt.