Mandurah mother issues warning after son suffers chemical burns on face from sunscreen

A Mandurah mother has warned local parents to check the contents of sunscreen before applying it to their children, after her son suffered chemical burns and adverse reactions to certain brands.

Sindy Su said her five-year-old son Dylan came out in red blotches on his face, neck and hands last year - with uncertainty over why it was happening.

Despite a number of doctor appointments, it took time for Ms Su to realise her son's issues were related to the sunscreen that was being applied to his face while at kindergarten.

Dylan's symptoms reappeared again last week, much to Ms Su's frustration.

"After he had sunscreen applied at kindy last year, the next morning he came out with one of his cheeks very red - it looked like eczema," she said.

"But when I picked him up from school it had spread to the other cheek and his ears as well.

"He had most of the year off school.

"We were told he had hand, foot and mouth disease, we were told it was a viral infection.

"It was multiple times so I didn't know until towards the end of the year, when a doctor told us it was chemical burns from sunscreen."

Ms Su said she wanted to warn other Mandurah parents to try certain sunscreen brands in small does on their children first.

"I just wanted to make people aware that the reaction may not happen straight away," she said.

"The doctor said that all kids react differently. Dylan is not allergic to anything or doesn't have any allergies - it threw me way off.

"The summer months are coming up and it is getting hotter. Everyone is busy and we grab any old sunscreen.

"But to me it is not just a specific brand - I want people to be aware they need to check what is in each one."