'No stake in our community' - Andrew Hastie slams Point Grey marina proposal in federal Parliament

Canning MP Andrew Hastie has slammed the proponents of the Point Grey marina project, stating in federal Parliament that the company should not be able to go ahead with the proposal without the local community's consent.

The ongoing proposal has cast divisions in the Peel community and has recently been debated by the Shire of Murray.

Proponents Tian An Australia want to construct and operate an onshore marina and associated boating infrastructure on the western side of Point Grey peninsula.

The proposal includes the construction of a 2.5km navigation channel across the Harvey Estuary from the potential facility to the Dawesville Channel.

The project has environmental approval at both state and federal level, but in June the Shire of Murray knocked back a development application to begin earthworks.

Tian An's case will be heard by the State Administrative Tribunal on October 2, with the legal body having the power to overturn the council's decision.

Mr Hastie, speaking about the project on Wednesday night, said more consultation with the wider Peel community was needed before any decision was made on Point Grey.

"I oppose it primarily because I believe in the sovereignty of local communities to make decisions about how they conserve and develop their environment," he said.

"There are many environmental and economic questions that are yet to be answered.

"My view is that companies like Tian An Australia, backed by Hong Kong listed shareholder Tian An China Investments Company, have no stake in our local community and should not be able to dredge our waterways without the consent of local people."

Mr Hastie also read out statements from Peel community leaders and stakeholders, with the sentiments expressed of concern for the environment.

These included statements from local Indigenous elders George Walley and Frank Nannup, Mandurah Licensed Fishermen's Association president Damien Bell, WA Fishing Industry Council chief executive John Harrison and Peel Harvey Catchment Council chief executive Jane O'Malley.

Mandurah Mail has approached Tian An for comment on a number of occasions this year, but the company has declined the opportunity.

To read Mr Hastie's full speech, click here.