High school students bring books to life for kindy kids in special reading program | Photos

Year 12 students from Halls Head College headed down the road to nearby Halls Head Primary School for a special learning experience on September 5.

Joining Ms Colley's cosy class of four and five year olds, the high school seniors shared some picture books with the young students, bringing them to life outside in the sunshine.

The students read a selection of stories to the kindy kids and helped them to practice both their English and reading skills.

With their listeners deep in concentration and hooked on their every word, the year 12 students found the enthusiasm from the kids contagious.

The kindergarten students were equally as excited to have 'big kid' visitors in their class.

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After the reading session, teachers and students of all ages joined in a game of Duck, Duck, Goose.

Halls Head College year 12 English teacher Ms Richardson said her students appreciated the time spent engaging with young minds.

She added it was a brilliant way to partner their study classes into one "real-world experience".

The activity paired nicely with the curriculum with a number of the English students also studying psychology and certificates in nursing prep or community services.