Performances at Foundation Christian College's annual Performing Arts Night win acclaim

BIG SHOW: Foundation Christian College students starred in the annual Performing Arts Night. Photo: Supplied.
BIG SHOW: Foundation Christian College students starred in the annual Performing Arts Night. Photo: Supplied.

The Foundation Christian College annual Performing Arts Night (PAN) series is a wrap.

Four shows provided an auditory and visual feast to audiences as it told the story of Esther, a Biblical heroine whose actions changed the course of history. Students performed and sang to families and friends who packed Foundation Theatre.

Acting principal Paul Arundell commended staff, students and parents for making the event happen.

"Such opportunities and experiences outside the normal classroom are so rich and precious but also come with the cost of much extra time and effort by all concerned," he said.

These experiences were enjoyed by students from Kindergarten to year 12, who either performed on stage with their year group or, for the more senior students, were able to work backstage to make each scene happen.

Coordinator of Creative Ministries Roz Smith said she was encouraged by the amount of experience that her Certificate II and III students received as a result of working in a real production.

"We also plan to expand our performing arts schedule next year, well beyond our annual Performing Arts Season," she said.

"Esther provided the opportunity for students to work together; the skills and esteem that they encounter is second to none - it is so important to experience working as a team, in the spotlight and under pressure."

When asked to provide a highlight for their PAN experience, main-cast students Tariro Ruwodo, Mackenzie Harrison and Rheanna Leaver each had different thoughts.

"It was great seeing the audience enjoy the show, without an audience there would be no show," said Tariro, who one day would like to pursue a career as a comedy actor.

"I'm sad now that it is all over. When you do something like this you get to be part of something that matters and that is special. We really grew as a family. I learnt more about the cast members from different ages and gained a new best friend", Mackenzie said.

"Stepping out on the first scene and hearing the audience cheering as well as getting a pat on the back from teachers when you needed encouragement was a highlight," Rheanna said.

Mr Arundell thanked Ms Smith, Mrs Annelise Van den Elzen, Mr Peter Rugendyke and Mr Steve Capenar for their hard work.

"The whole process is a team effort on a whole organisational basis," he said.

"Our students are the stars and muscles and our teaching staff provide the backbone coordinating their class scenes, costumes and supervising every night."

Michelle Cronin is from Foundation Christian College.