Squatters evicted from troublesome Lakelands squat house

Squatters evicted from troublesome Lakelands squat house

A group of troublesome squatters were evicted from a Lakelands property on Friday.

Mandurah Police acting Senior Sergeant Anthony Nemeth said the West Australian Supreme Court had handed down a warrant to evict the inhabitants of a Dyer Lane property after repeated complaints from neighbours of anti-social behaviour.

Th warrant was actioned on Friday by the Sheriff's department, with Mandurah Police assisting in evicting more than 10 squatters.

Senior Sergeant Nemeth said the people were evicted without incident and it showed Mandurah Police's zero-tolerance policy on anti-social behaviour.

The Mandurah Mail has reported on local homelessness in recent weeks, with the issue of squatting arising.

A Cooper Street home, believed to have been inhabited by squatters, caught on fire last Friday morning.

WA Police Arson Squad have since called for the public's assistance due to the blaze being deemed as suspicious.

The Mail's ongoing series on homelessness has also identified that homeless people are flocking to squat houses to escape winter conditions currently.

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