'We're struggling': Animal lovers donates thousands of dollars to Serpentine's only vet

Animal lovers have raised more than $4000 for Serpentine's only veterinary clinic after the owner admitted the small business was struggling to stay afloat.

The online fundraising account was created on June 22 and had already raised $4141 of the $20,000 goal.

Ms Beynon told the Mandurah Mailin February she was frustrated after some clients were using "emotional blackmail" and failing to make payments following emergency procedures.

Serpentine Vet owner Belinda Beynon said the money would pay off a credit card debt and would be used to bargain with the bank for more time to repay loans.

Ms Beynon said the practice had suffered since it opened three years ago due a range of factors including the economic climate, a competitive market and poor decisions.

We are certainly not the only people struggling.

Serpentine Vet owner Belinda Beynon

"I made some really bad judgment calls when we bought the practice," she said.

"But what I had not anticipated was in the first month of buying the practice, the income would drop by 44 per cent."

Ms Beynon said she lost many clients to a larger Forrestdale vet hospital, West Coast Vets, which opened within the first year of business.

Ms Beynon said she borrowed to buy costly medical equipment and the South Western Highway clinic.

"We have been trying to make repayments on loans based on a turnover which was about three times what our actual turnover is - the figures just don't add up obviously," she said.

We have to look after each other.

Serpentine Vet owner Belinda Beynon

Ms Beynon said a smaller clinic can offer services that a larger hospital can not.

"I try to treat my clients and pets the way I would like to be treated," she said.

"This practice has been here for more than 30 years and there are a lot of clients that don't want to travel out of the area to seek veterinary care.

"It is still geographically an important place to have a veterinary clinic.

"We offer a personal approach with a warm and friendly environment - we are not clinical and cold."

Ms Beynon said businesses were "doing it tough" at the moment.

"We are certainly not the only people struggling," she said.

"I have to admit that since we bought this business I have been so much more aware of supporting other small businesses. Of buying the coffee from a small business and buying veggies from a green grocer if I can.

"We have to look after each other."

Ms Beynon said she was negotiating with the bank to settle on an agreement where she could continue to rent the practice.