Mandurah indie-pop rockers, Indigo, return to the airwaves with moody new single 'La Luna'

Mandurah band Indigo have returned to the music scene with a bang, announcing the upcoming launch of their moody new single La Luna.

After a short hiatus following an epic set at this year's Crab Fest, the five-piece have been hard at work in the studio, emerging last week with what they are describing as their best song yet.

Band members Dylan Keirnan (guitar), Chris Kinna (vocals), David Williams (bass), Josh Beaumont (drums) and recent addition Raurke George (guitar) scaled new heights with last year's singles Eclipse and Stay, and now, have unveiled their latest, darker creation.

Continuing with their tradition for charting new territory with each release, La Luna explores the deep waters of moody indie rock, balanced by the perfect amount of that old school 'driving at night' vibe.

From the opening riffs to the uplifting chorus and brooding verses, the track boasts more than a touch of retro-pop nostalgia met with heartfelt lyrics and faultless rhythm in an unwavering and seamless blend.

In an interview with the Mandurah Mail, Keirnan, who also produced the track, said the hit new single had taken almost 12 months to perfect.

"We've had this track in the making for about a year now and we've just been throwing ideas around and working on it for a really long time until we nailed what we wanted," he said.

"We wanted to go for more of an 80s vibe and it was a little difficult to perfect that sound - we had to play around with tones more and experiment which was really fun.

"We are really proud of what we've produced, it's the most professional package we've been able to give our listeners."

As much a powerful journey as a pop song, there is plenty of substance underneath the catchy melody of La Luna, including emotion and a sense of yearning.

Keirnan said the track was more existential and thoughtful than its predecessors, with an important intended message for the audience to take away from it.

"A lot of the song is about how we are destroying our planet - we live in this beautiful place but we're blind to it," he said.

"It's probably the single we're most proud of out of all the releases we've had because of how different it is and we think it sounds really cool.

"A lot of the time we just want to play what feels fun and catchy just for that vibe but we really wanted to just knuckle down and create a track that portrays the kind of music we want to represent.

"It's been received really well - we've had so many people tell us they are 'blown away' by it."

As well as the epic new song, Indigo paired the release with a "cool" video clip, filmed in some of Western Australia's most beautiful locations, including Injidup Natural Spa, to enhance the environmental message behind the song.

The band will take to the stage on August 10 to launch the new single, joined by support acts, and local legends, Gully, Technicolor Dream Machine and Homebrand.

Keirnan said the gig would be like "one big party".

"We want to spice up our shows with some new material and we're really excited to show people," he said.

"It's going to be a really awesome night because we've got Gully on board and Technicolor Dream Machine who are another Mandurah band that don't even have anything on social media but they've already got a following and they are really good.

"We've also got Homebrand who I haven't seen play yet but I'm really keen to, they've got such a good reputation for what they do."

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Now, with two EPs and a handful of singles in their ever-expanding catalogue, Indigo are heading into an exciting new chapter of their career, which, Keirnan said, the band were excited for.

He promised the group's growing fan base that, despite being quiet recently, there has been plenty going on behind the scenes and there is plenty in the pipeline to satisfy their audiences cravings.

"We've gotta keep the ball rolling and follow this up with something else so we're going to release a couple of singles now and see how that goes, keep them coming," he said.

"We're more focused on recording - we just want to get into the studio and write music because that's what we love the most. The drive for us at the moment is experimenting, writing music and seeing where it takes us.

"We've got a new song in the woodwork that we put together the other day, similar to La Luna but with its own sound and we're just really stoked to be back into it."

Indigo will perform at Fremantle's The Aadvark for their La Luna single launch on Saturday, August 10.

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