Opinion: Lakelands demands action on train station

Opinion: Lakelands demands action on train station

'No one needs Lakelands train station!', cried Labor frontbencher Paul Papalia in state parliament on the 28th March 2019. Wrong, Minister.

North Mandurah residents want and need the Lakelands train station. People have been waiting since 2006. They bought land and homes on the promise of the station - they are tired of cheap talk.

So far, I'm the only Member of Parliament who has fought to see it built. I've secured a total of $37 million from the Morrison government to make that happen.

But we are waiting for the Labor state government to get on board. Transport minister Rita Saffioti recently told this paper the station would cost $70 million. All Labor need to do is tip in the other $35 million and our dream will come true.

We've built a coalition of residents, developers and local councillors who support building the station. And we won't stop until it's done. Our vision is for a platform station that people can access by foot, bike or bus. People don't want to drive north or south to a station, compete for a park and then board a train. They want a station that is part of the community and close to home.

Ultimately, the Lakelands station would give north Mandurah residents greater economic and social opportunity. Who wouldn't want to live close to the beach and a train station? The McGowan government keeps making excuses. It's time to stop talking about past failures of previous governments and focus on the future.

Recently, we had a Federal election. In north Mandurah, the vote became a referendum on the Lakelands train station. Federal Labor refused to fund the Lakelands station. They were punished for it. The people want this station and the Liberals won't give up.

David Templeman must deliver funding for the station. He has a seat in Cabinet. Why can't he deliver for our community? If David Templeman won't fund the Lakelands train station, we will find someone who will. Bring on the WA state election in 2021.

Andrew Hastie is the federal member for Canning.