Drenched Mandurah set to dry up next week

The wet weather that's lashed Mandurah over the past week looks set to subside over the coming days.

After a bone dry first six days to the month of June the city was drenched with a whopping 79.2mm of rain over the following week.

The first drops hit on Friday, June 7, with 26.4mm pouring on the city followed by heavy rainfall on Tuesday, June 11 (16.6mm) and Wednesday, June 12 (17.2mm).

The downpours have Mandurah tracking to top its average rainfall for the month of June, but that course could be derailed by dry skies forecast for next week.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts easing showers to hit town over the weekend, before launching into four consecutive days with minimal chance of rain.

But the run of cold temperatures appears set to continue, with tops of just 18 degrees over the coming days while a low of just seven is expected on Tuesday.

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