Mandurah Labor supporters await outcome with candidate Mellisa Teede

The Sunbreakers Restaurant is painted red tonight, with Labor voters waiting to hear who will take out the seat of Canning.

As the votes are being counted, Mandurah Labor supporters and volunteers are celebrating their campaign efforts with Canning candidate, Mellisa Teede.

Ms Teede said the electorate was hard to read, but "it seemed fifty-fifty".

"It's too early to know," she said.

"I want to wait a couple more hours to know how this is all going to land."

If things do not go to plan, Ms Teede said she would "reassess", but she was not going to close any doors before the final count.

Ms Teede said Labor had the "right policies".

"I think we've done an outstanding job," she said.

"We have done everything right. The people of Canning say to me they want change and action. They don't want the status quo.

"I want to see Labor get the opportunity to deliver."