Man in custody after Mandurah police chase on Friday afternoon

A man is in custody on Friday afternoon after leading police on a dangerous pursuit through a number of Mandurah suburbs.

WA Police confirmed Pinjarra Police spotted a black commodore in Barragup about midday, which failed to stop when summoned by officers. The male driver of the vehicle allegedly sped off and evaded police.

It is alleged that the vehicle of interest had previously been used in a number of fuel drive-offs.

Police say a short time later the same man stole a white Mitsubishi wagon in Greenfields and was pursued by a number of police cars and the air wing division.

In the ensuing chase, police say the driver drove through five fences before going over a stinger device on Ranceby Avenue. Despite this, the vehicle made it into the Mandurah Forum underground car park.

It is alleged that reckless driving led to the Mitsubishi clipping a member of the public's vehicle, damaging a mirror, before it collided with a police car.

The alleged offender, who is known to police, fled on foot before being caught and arrested on Pinjarra Road.

Mandurah Detectives Senior Sergeant Trevor Troy said the man was hyperventilating once apprehended and could have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

"There were a lot of shoppers in the area, including women and children, so we are very grateful that no injuries to members of the public were sustained," he said.

"It could have been a lot worse."

The alleged male offender was taken to Peel Health Campus in police custody and will be charged with a number of offences once discharged.