Mandurah musician Kirk Whyte launches solo career

He is a ceramic tiler looking to make his break as a solo musician.

Mandurah local Kirk Whyte has been singing ballads and strumming his guitar for as long as he can remember and this year he is hoping to turn his love for music into his full-time career.

In and out of bands since his early 20s, Whyte has played for both Black Cat and the Box Cars - one of Perth's top cover bands of the 1980s.

But now the cover artist is stepping out on his own, hoping to get a foot in the door in Mandurah's live music scene.

With a couple of gigs already secured at the Oyster Bar and Pinjarra's Premier Hotel, Whyte said a lot has changed since the good ol' days.

"Back in the 80s it was all big speakers and rock bands but now the pubs have duos and solo artists," he said.

"I've only just got into solo performing the last two months and everywhere I have played so far, they bring me back into the office after the gig and book me for another five or six shows.

"There's been a lot of good feedback and positive comments."

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Specialising in classic pub rock, Whyte said he was particularly fond of covering bands like Snow Patrol, Matchbox 20, Green Day and The Beatles.

The local father said he has always loved music and cannot wait for it to become his sole focus.

"I've always played the guitar and sung and I practice nearly every day - my lounge room is like my own studio," he said.

"This is perfect for me, this is what I want to do full time because I just love it

"I've got a lot of openings, I'm really trying to get this off the ground and kick start my career."

Whyte said while his favourite song to play was U2's With or Without You, he will take almost any request at his gigs.

"A lot of people like the older stuff," he said.

"What they want to hear when they go out is the classics - they want to hear stuff they know the words to and can sing along to.

"I love it when people get up and dance and all that crowd participation."

Kirk Whyte will play at the Premier Hotel in Pinjarra on May 17 and 26. He also has a number of gigs lined up at the Oyster Bar Mandurah on June 1, 29 and July 27.