Against the grain: One Nation's Canning candidate promotes Liberals ahead of two preferred parties

As One Nation leader Pauline Hanson snarled at the Liberals' preference swing against her party in front of media in Greenfields on Monday, her Canning candidate was urging voters to preference Liberal second rather than her party's ideal pick - the Australian Christians.

In an interview with the Mandurah Mail in the lead-up to the May 18 election, One Nation's Canning candidate Jackson Wreford said he would be asking his supporters to preference incumbent Andrew Hastie.

"If you're asking who I would preference that would be Andrew Hastie," Mr Wreford said.

"He is genuine and a realist, someone who was and I dare say still is willing to sacrifice for the greater good."

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As per his party's preferences in the electorate, Mr Wreford was supposed to favour Jamie van Bugel from Australian Christians and Brett Clarke from the Western Australia Party over the incumbent.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared he would put One Nation below Labor on how-to-vote cards following revelations the far-right party had sought foreign donations to water down national gun laws.

Locally, Mr Hastie's how-to-vote card has listed One Nation in sixth place, followed only by Greens hopeful Jodie Moffat in seventh spot and Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party's Malcolm Heffernan in eighth.

Speaking at a press conference in front of the Eastlake Church on Monday, Ms Hanson reiterated her distaste with the preferencing status quo.

"I do question, why did the Liberal party put Clive Palmer... before One Nation," Ms Hanson said.

"Why did the Liberal party preference the Labor party before One Nation when we've worked very well with them on the floor of parliament?

"This is about the two-party system in this country and that's why I'm so angry about it.

"They don't want to see anyone else get up. They want to suppress anyone else that is of the conservative side of politics and we need a true voice in this country without fear or favour."

Mr Wreford was placed in sixth preference for Mr Hastie, Steve Veevers from Australia United Party and Malcolm Heffernan from Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party.

He was listed eighth for Labor's candidate Mellisa Teede and in seventh spot by Brett Clarke from Western Australia Party and Jodie Moffat from The Australian Greens.

The only party to list Mr Wreford above sixth was Jamie van Burgel for the Australian Christians, who placed him as third preference.