Rake's Rave: Relax Falcons, you'll be just fine

It's been a while since the Falcons dwelt near the bottom of the ladder.

They've perennially been finals challengers (if not flag contenders), and their fans have enjoyed a pretty healthy period of success in recent times, at least during the four years I've been reporting on this league.

Things have changed a little this season, though, and now the folks down at Lynda Street are in unfamiliar territory at 0-5 as the only team yet to score a win in 2019.

It's a dour record for a proud club so entrenched in premiership history, and given they don't sit well with losing it's probably safe to assume they're a bit restless at this point.

But relax, Falcons, you're going to be just fine.

Amazingly, it looks like their biggest problem is actually the success of their own player development.

They've been so good at producing high quality talent that the bulk of it has actually moved on to play at higher levels like the WAFL.

Jaydon Cullen was among South Mandurah's best against Pinjarra. Photo: Justin Rake.

Jaydon Cullen was among South Mandurah's best against Pinjarra. Photo: Justin Rake.

Last weekend against Pinjarra was their best performance of the season, and although gun midfielder Jack Shanahan continued to lead the charge, the temporary returns of Lachlan and Jaydon Cullen were huge for the side.

The twin brothers came back for a week during Peel Thunder's bye round, and were pillars at both ends.

And don't forget the likes of Ross Elliott Medal winners Andrew Haydon and Blair Bell, who are now both playing at the league level in the WAFL.

Imagine for a second that just those four guys alone were still in the blue and gold. I mean, just how damn good would they be?

But that's the double-edged blade that comes with country footy.

You want the best for your high-quality players, which means getting them to the highest level possible, but you also miss them dearly when they go.

Fortunately, those players always seem to circle back.

Just look at Pinjarra. Many of their premiership players were locals that played at higher levels, then eventually made their way back.

Think guys like Brock O'Brien, Rory O'Brien, Dean Beswick and Kieran May (and there's plenty more where that came from).

So yes, the next year or two might not be the flag-winning fun you've grown accustomed to, but stick it out Falcons fans because the rewards could be worth it in the end.