'Meth capital': Hanson voices major party woes and gets in heated debate during Mandurah visit

As Canning voters converged at Greenfields Eastlake Church on Monday afternoon, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson was on site to rally votes for her West Australian candidates.

From voicing woes about the major parties to spelling out priorities for the average Australian, Ms Hanson even bickered over her policies with volunteers disrupting how-to-vote cards from other parties.

Ms Hanson said voters were disengaged with the major parties and urged people to put her candidates first on the ballot paper come May 18.

"I think the people of Australia are fed up with the two major political parties. They've forgotten about the grassroots people," Ms Hanson said.

"Neither side can be trusted. This is going to be a tough decision for Australia on how they vote."

Coming off the back of a visit to Perth's north in the morning, Ms Hanson said she had received a positive response from West Australians while walking through Joondalup Shopping Centre and briefly in front of the pre-polling station at Eastlake Church.

In Canning, Ms Hanson has endorsed former electrician Jackson Wreford as her lower house representative.

"It's extremely hard to put your name forward to be a member of parliament. It's not only the candidates that are standing for One Nation but all candidates that are standing in this election. I congratulate everyone because they're standing up for what they believe in and they want to make a change and make a difference," Ms Hanson said.

Jackson Wreford - Pauline Hanson's One Nation Canning candidate

Jackson Wreford - Pauline Hanson's One Nation Canning candidate

Fronting the media in Mandurah, Ms Hanson and Mr Wreford were joined by senator Peter Georgiou and her WA state leader Colin Tincknell.

"I have been over to WA quite a few times in the past few years supporting Peter. WA also has three upper house members of parliament and I've got our leader Colin Tincknell here," she said.

"I feel for people out there. There are so many issues.

"You've got the homeless, you've got defence personnel, you've got pensioners that are struggling to put on electricity, you've got businesses that are looking at shutting down.

"You've doubled your unemployment here as well. You're the meth capital of the world here.

"I hope that whoever gets elected to parliament, that at the end of the day we can work as one because that is what the people expect of us.

"They're sick and tired of seeing the bantering that goes on before parliament. I give my word to the people [that I'll] work with anyone."

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