Unique, interactive space adventure 'Whoosh!' headed to Mandurah

Perth's internationally-acclaimed children's theatre company Sensorium Theatre will bring an interactive space adventure to the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre later this month.

Premiering their latest show Whoosh! across regional Western Australia, the show is an immersive, multi-sensory performance for young explorers with disabilities and their families.

The show puts its audience at the centre of the action, encouraging them to touch, taste, smell and feel the story unfold around them.

Working as a team to repair the space ship and return to Earth, audiences will join the crew to explore outer space, taste space food, experience hyperspace and travel all the way to the mysterious Planet X.

Become a pilot, engineer or navigator as the team whoosh across the galaxy for an interstellar adventure for the whole family.

Co-artistic director Francis Italiano said the show was Sensorium Theatre's most ambitious production to date.

"Sensorium always brings our audiences right into our stage settings with us, but with Whoosh! we wanted to bring them into being part of the actual story," she said.

The show uses an impressive set and pioneering use of technology, including a new digital app, that allows children to familiarise themselves with the story and characters prior to seeing the show.

Fellow co-artistic director Michelle Hovane said everything about Whoosh! was created to encourage the audience to be involved and join in.

"When past audiences suggested we explore outer space, we started dreaming up a story-world where technology could help them really feel part of a spaceship crew so that we could all take the journey of our imaginations together," she said.

This unique performance is best for children aged between five and ten years old with a broad range of access needs, including those with multiple and complex needs and those on the autism spectrum.

Senior producer Rachael Whitworth said the show had been brought to life by a number of organisations including Performing Lines WA, the Australian government, WA department of local government, sport and cultural industries and Lotterywest.

"Performing Lines WA is extremely proud to have produced this incredible show with Sensorium Theatre," she said.

"This company is leading innovation in theatre making and what is even more exciting, is that the work is focused on young audiences with disability.

"I think this new show Whoosh! will demonstrate that small companies, with the right support, can create great impact for audiences."

Whoosh! will perform at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on Thursday, May 23 at 4.30pm and Saturday, May 25 at 10.30am.

For more information, visit the MPAC website.

Tickets for this show are not available on line as details regarding the child's needs will be part of the booking process. Please call the Box Office on 9550 3900 or email education@manpac.com.au to book tickets.