Crime commitment: Data sharing at core of collaborative approach to combating city's issues

A collaborative approach to tackling crime is fundamental, according to the City of Mandurah and WA Police, who recently signed a formal agreement to work hand-in-hand to combat problems confronting the community.

From exploring ways to help the city's vulnerable who call local streets home, to dealing with violent attacks on businesses across the region, the agreement creates a well-rounded approach and aims to carry out a number of initiatives and projects.

There are hopes the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will assist monitoring, learning and enacting change in crime prevention.

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Mandurah mayor Rhys Williams said a joint approach to community safety and crime prevention was vital.

"There are lots of people in our community that are concerned about their safety," Mr Williams said.

"We have to think differently about how we approach keeping our community safe.

"It doesn't only impact on our way of life but it also impacts on our ability to grow a strong economy and create the community that we want here.

We have to think differently about how we approach keeping our community safe.

Mandurah mayor Rhys Williams

"The alignment with WA Police formalises this agreement [and] opens up communication channels.

"It also means that we're working hand-in-hand around important priorities like the city centre, keeping our suburbs strong and our neighbourhoods connected."

While an MoU was first signed between the two parties in 2011, the agreement is reviewed annually and was broadened state-wide in October 2018 to include responses to wider operational issues and support.

These additional commitments included the policy and procedures regarding the provision of City of Mandurah-owned Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage and monitoring equipment being used by officers at the Mandurah Police Station.

Mandurah Police Senior Sergeant Darren Hart said one of the biggest benefits was the datasharing between authorities.

"It's about working together and sharing information... and intelligence about things that are going on in Mandurah," Senior Sergeant Hart said.

"The agreement... formalises the partnership we've already built between WA Police and the City of Mandurah."

Senior Sergeant Hart said information sharing extended across the City of Mandurah's departments, from the rangers to the community safety team.

"For example, we can share information with the City of Mandurah's rangers to help their enforcement and activities," he said.

It's about working together and sharing information... and intelligence about things that are going on in Mandurah.

Mandurah Police Station Senior Sergeant Darren Hart

"The community safety team can share some for their information with us and vice versa.

"We can work together to solve some of those problems that confront the city.

"We meet... monthly and are in communication almost daily about what is affecting the city and how we both can contribute to solving some of those issues."

As part of the agreement, both parties will address new and emerging crime problems, will support and advocate for initiatives that promote positive values in the community and tackle alcohol-related antisocial behaviour through the Mandurah Liquor Accord.

The City of Mandurah also works with other agencies, including the Department of Education, Department of Child Protection and Family Services, Department of Health and Department of Corrective Services.

For more information visit the City of Mandurah's Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy 2017-22.