'Airborne' takes flight: Epic show headed to MPAC for You Are Youth Festival

Dynamic, raw and gutsy. That is how best to describe the cast of Airborne.

The epic show combines talented acrobats, skaters, dancers, circus performers and musicians for an experience unlike any other.

And for two nights only, it will wow audiences in Mandurah as part of the You Are Youth Festival on May 3 and 4.

Inspired by the need to embrace and celebrate young men in the community, Airborne focuses on the special bonds between brothers and the kinship it creates.

The cast, which comprises both professionals and emerging artists, will face off against each other as they consider their fears and insecurities and discover what it means to support and trust one another.

The show stars local Indigenous dancers Mervyn and Matty Bennell with circus talents Reece Cooper, Ossie McLean, Jesse Harrington, Joel Duckham and Nathan Lucus, who all hail from the Peel region.

They will be joined on stage by national level junior skaters Vai, Cruz and Zen Evans, local acrobats Tjay Kreusch and Scott Sheridan and musicians Max Carter and Anton Cook.

With jaw-dropping stunts, incredible skateboarding tricks and unique percussion acts, Airborne explores taking healthy risks as audiences witness artists placing their bodies in each other's hands in an act of essential trust.

Brought to life by Pulse Productions, director Tracey Harrison said the show was about being dedicated, uplifting and encouraging.

"It's an all-male based cast and a mix of adults and young men and boys and they're all from different backgrounds," she said.

"It's about the relationships between them as a group and also presenting male-positive role models and mentors.

"It's about healing and uplifting each other, supporting each other to be the best they can be, the best versions of themselves."

It's about healing and uplifting each other, supporting each other to be the best they can be, the best versions of themselves.

Director Tracey Harrison

The show also continues the timely conversation around critical issues in Mandurah including escalating violence, suicide and other mental health issues.

Harrison said they were just some of the topics they hoped their audiences would consider while watching the performance.

"A lot of people suffer from anxiety and mental health issues so it's something that we want to deal with," she said.

"We're also really passionate about presenting a show about unity and support so being supportive and inclusive culturally."

Airborne will perform at the You Are Youth Festival on May 3 and 4 at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the MPAC website or the Facebook event page.