Perfect time for salmon fishing in Mandurah

With Easter and Anzac Day just around the corner, it can only mean one thing for excited anglers in the Peel region - salmon.

With the annual migration well under way, reports have been coming in hot about salmon being spotted and caught along the coastline south of Mandurah, including popular hotspot White Hills Beach.

These reports are only going to get better within the coming days, with the salmon moving their way up the south west coast, providing anglers plenty of entertainment along the way.

Most beaches in this area will have schools of salmon patrolling along looking for an easy feed, but if you are unsure of spots and/or trying your hand at salmon for the first time, here are some well-known spots to consider which have produced great captures in the last few seasons.

Preston Beach, White Hills, Tim's Thicket and Pyramid's Beach are all spots where salmon are regularly caught during the season.

These spots are fairly easy to access using suitable vehicles and can turn on some red hot salmon fishing, with multiple hook-ups at the same time a common sight along the beach.

Fishing for salmon is an experience in itself, whether you catch and keep your fish, or release them after the fight, just to be able to bring your fish onto the sand, and take some snaps with the kids is something that is ingrained in West Australian culture.

Beach fishing provides for a safe and enjoyable form of fishing for families, where kids have the opportunity of fighting a big fish and catching their first salmon.

Salmon are an amazing fish, they often school up in large numbers and are mistaken by beach goers and some anglers as a patch of reef, that it until that reef starts chasing down baitfish and lures.

They aren't a fussy fish either, happily engulfing bait offerings and smashing lures at will, it's quite exhilarating watch a school of salmon chase down a lure retrieved on the surface and have a fish inhale the lure just metres from your feet.

Once hooked, these incredible fish put up a great fight, providing the anglers and onlookers with an impressive acrobatic spectacle. Launching a lure into a huge school of salmon metres from the beach gives every fisher, regardless of experience a tremendous thrill and one which never seems to gets old.

With school holidays in full swing, it's a great opportunity to get the kids out and about at one of the many popular, safe and easy to access beach fishing spots, to catch these magnificent fish.

So if you haven't caught a West Australian salmon before, why not give it a go?

It's a great opportunity to explore the coastline in and around Mandurah, experiencing amazing fishing and make lasting memories with family and friends.