'We ask you to bring us home safely': Motorists urged to take care across the Easter long weekend

"We ask you to bring us home safely."

That was Christ's Church Anglican Parish of Mandurah reverend Ian Mabey's plea on Sunday while hosting the city's annual Blessing of the Roads ceremony. 

The ceremony formed part of a Road Wise initiative, which endeavours to put an end to the tragic lose of life the state endures each year during the Easter long weekend. 

While government on all levels, organisations and churches urge people to take care while travelling across the holidays each year, fatalities and serious injuries on WA roads continues to flank headlines.

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"We need all to return safely. Christ has sacrificed enough for us, he doesn't need any more," Father Mabey told the ceremony's onlookers. 

City of Mandurah councillor Peter Jackson was among those in the crowd and was invited to speak. 

He said urged motorists to drive safely and said the City of Mandurah would continue its advocacy for road safety. 

At one point in the ceremony, Father Mabey asked attendees to accompany him to the road side where he read a prayer and called on god to bless the roads this Easter. 

"We know that all people are precious in your sight and that you would not want any of your dear ones to be hurt in any way. And so we seek your blessing upon our roads this Easter, asking for your protection and your guidance as many of our citizens and their families make their journey afar to enjoy this holiday period," he said. 

The road safety message comes after a 19-year-old woman was killed in a crash on along the Kwinana Freeway, near the Russell Road exit overnight.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, it is understood the woman trying to cross the road when she was struck by a car.

For more information about the campaign please visit the RoadWise website, www.roadwise.asn.au.