Grace's gripes: I don't know if I'm loving or hating MAFS

The um....experts? Photo: SMH
The um....experts? Photo: SMH

Let's get this out of the way, I watch Married at First Sight, I'm invested in the outcome of these people's sham marriages.

This does not mean I have a low IQ, nor does it mean that I have time to waste. Basically I'm intrigued by these television shows and after a long day at work I want to switch on the TV and have someone/s entertain me. 


There is one relationship that really upsets me. Mike Gunner and Heidi Latchman. I feel poor Heidi is gaslighted* every opportunity available. Between her husband and "expert" John Aiken, Heidi is told everything she is doing in her relationship is wrong and she is sabotaging herself and her relationship. She only asked him to pick up the towels off the floor! 

And a few other moments that made me question my 7.30pm viewing choice.

-When Ines Basic savagely insulted fake husband Bronson Norrish to his face and behind his back. 

-When Jessika Power proposition multiple people for an "affair," I think because she was bored.

-When husband Mick Gould was forced to stay in the experiment despite expressing how uncomfortable and unhappy it was making him. 

Don't even get me started on Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis relationship (how long since you've been allowed to make a decision Michael?)

I've been forced to ask myself why am I giving this television another viewer? Why am I so invested in this show based on fake marriages? Where people can't even respect each other. 

Which also got me thinking, why are we all watching this show? In the last week it was the highest rating television show on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, outranking news programs, current affairs programs and cooking programs. 

If people want to put themselves through this reality experiment that's fine. I know it's tough out there to find someone and it seems to have worked for some couples *ahem* Cam and Jules. But by televising the fighting, the tears and the drama aren't we condoning and encouraging poor behaviour? Especially to young and impressionable minds?

I would be distraught if a friend of mine was in a relationship like Heidi and Mikes. Or if one of my friends had a girlfriend who created problems like Jessika Power. Or if anyone I knew spoke to other people like Ines Basic.

I have no doubt I'll watch the final episodes on Sunday and Monday. I need to know how this saga ends. Will I watch the show next season? Definitely not, I'm going to try and raise my IQ by watching the ABC. 

Married at First Sight is aired on Nine who are also the owners of this masthead.

*Manipulating someone by psychological means into doubting their own sanity, or in this case, oneself. (Don't worry I only found out what it means in this season of MAFS). 

Grace Ryan is a digital specialist who works in the western region of NSW, who's guilty habits include letting the Labrador on the lounge when no one is looking, gin and tonics on Fridays and reality television.