Pregnancy is not a conversation starter

No, I'm not pregnant, but don't worry you'll  be the first to know (NOT!)

When did a woman's reproductive system become a topic of conversation? Or why is speculation about a female's pregnancy status gossip? It's not!

I've been married for six months and been with my husband for seven years. According to the small country town I live in, it seems I should have been breeding for about six years and six months. 

Since we were married last year, I've been asked umpteen times about the status of my uterus and whether or not I can "convince my husband" to have kids with me. What's worse my girlfriends are getting asked if I'm pregnant, especially lately because I've been on a drinking detox. Now, excuse me for putting my liver first for once!  

The tipping point for me was when a local workplace was riddled with rumors about my pregnancy status. I don't work with the people in this place and I don't have much to do with the majority of people who work there. So, of course I haven't updated them with my conception plan. 

The most upsetting part about the whole experience is the questions and rumors are started by women, people who should be sympathising with me! 

I've been married six months and still not pregnant! (Shock!)

And I know this isn't just happening to me. I'm lucky, I haven't gone down the baby road just yet, so my body is a mystical place of unknown when it comes to reproduction. However, I have very special girlfriends who have been trying for several years. 

Despite undergoing years of tests, invasive examinations and trying natural remedies they are yet to fall pregnant. And ignorant people still ask them when they're going to start having kids. Why can't they just read the situation? 

This is not a conversation topic, it's not a milestone you just jump to after getting married and it certainly isn't something for menial gossip. 

My body is not for your general observation. Nor are my friends' bodies. Think before you open your mouth to talk about pregnancy because unless the person in question brings it up first, you've probably got it wrong. If they don't, well it's just plain none of your business. 

SIDE NOTE: When, or if, my husband and I do decide to fall pregnant, running up and putting your hands on my belly is not okay either! Ask first.

Grace Ryan is the digital specialist for the Central Western region.