Mandurah churches could do more for disadvantaged, says local leader and pastor

Mandurah churches could be doing more for the disadvantaged community, according to local leader and Christian pastor Reg Lambert.

Reg Lambert, 94, left for Mullewa one year ago to help those suffering from addiction at Wandalgu rehab centre, which is owned by Pentecostal church, Sun City Christian Centre. 

He helped homeless in the Peel region for more than two decades of his life, many who suffer from mental health issues and drug and alcohol addiction.

Mr Lambert, who has been involved with five separate churches in the past, said pastors had a responsibility to serve their community - especially the homeless and needy. 

"It is sadly, can I say, not being exercised well enough," he said. 

"Christian pastors are there for people. They are there on Sunday to say their bit.

"They have forgotten there are people from their congregation who are needing personal care.

"We have got people who are homeless, people who are hungry or just lonely.

I believe the church, broadly, has a lot more to do.

Reg Lambert

"I feel, as human beings in a community, we have a job to do.

"I believe the church, broadly, has a lot more to do."

Mr Lambert suggested churches could provide temporary or overnight accommodation for disadvantaged people. 

"Some churches have a facility that is not occupied for many hours in a week," he said. 

"I know there are some problems with this - they would be inviting people into their building, who would be trouble themselves.

"But are we that soft, that we can't put up with a bit of that to provide comfort for someone else?"

Mr Lambert said some Mandurah churches were previously offering temporary accommodation each night and dinner, which stopped about four years ago. 

"They don't do it now, because somebody left a mess where they slept in their hall," he said. 

Mr Lambert said he had helped disadvantaged people in Australia and overseas.

"I have never seen quite seen so many issues as I have in Australia," he said.

The Peel church community group spokesman was contacted for comment.