WEDDINGS YOUR WAY: Celebrate with a qualified celebrant

Pick a celebrant you trust.
Pick a celebrant you trust.


Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day, after all, it is the part when you actually get legally married. That's why it is so important to find a quality celebrant.

The ceremony is also the part of the day most couples are nervous about, so it's really important to have someone who can put your worries aside and assure you that everything will be okay and go according to plan.

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"You are trusting that when the ceremony starts and you are standing there in front of your closest family and friends, your celebrant is going to deliver you a ceremony which is exactly what you have dreamed of," said authorised marriage celebrant Kirk Samuel Goodsell.

Kirk became a celebrant more than 10 years ago after attending a few family and friend's weddings and feeling their ceremonies lacked personalisation, engagement and energy.

"I thought to myself that ceremonies should be a lot more fun, about the couple, upbeat and light-hearted, so I went out to do just that," he said.

"Any celebrant can stand up there and waffle on about love, marriage and commitment - and that's all well and good but does it mean much to you? Or your guests?"

"A ceremony becomes special when it's all about the couple - It's their story, style, humour and culture."

"You want to ensure that your celebrant captures and delivers that."

A lot of couples worry about the day not coming together but it always does and if for some reason it doesn't, it's vital to have professional and reputable vendors that can come to the rescue.

"A good celebrant has a wealth of contacts and relationships within the industry," Kirk said.

"These take time and energy to cultivate and maintain but it's crucial so that when I am asked to recommend other suppliers, which happens on a daily basis, I can put them in the hands of people who I trust and can vouch for."

"Celebrants need to offer the highest level of customer service, as we are asking people to entrust us with one of the most important moments in their life."

When asked what couples should look for when choosing a celebrant Kirk said to go for connection.

"Someone you click with, feel comfortable with, can have a laugh with and most importantly, trust. Because ultimately that's what you are doing."

Photo: Anthea Auld Photography.