Are you ready to play? pvi collective set to disrupt the streets of Mandurah with 'deviator' game

The streets of Mandurah will be subject to citywide disruption next week as the immersive, real-world, outdoor game deviator takes over.

The acclaimed tactical media art group pvi collective are bringing the experience to Mandurah from March 27-30 for the opportunity to temporarily transform the city into a playground.

The mission of the game is to use a smart deviator phone guide to seek out and activate 15 audio instructions hidden in public spaces and play as many of the games as possible.

Select a game from an on-screen map, locate it and scan a strategically placed QR code to activate the game instructions.

Audiences will explore the local area, play a series of on-site games, interact with on-site performers, receive points and send text messages within the game.

Games are scored in terms of difficulty and range from activities like 'guerrilla pole dancing' and 'ring-a-ring-a-roses', to 'spin the bottle' and 'twister'.

Each game encourages the player to deviate from the norm, explore their public space in a new way and become the highest scoring deviator player.

The game has already been successful in Scotland, Sweden and Denmark.

Co-artistic director Kelli McCluskey said the show gave people permission to misbehave.

"deviator invites audiences to playfully misbehave on their own city streets, aiming to provoke us to think about personal freedoms and the politics of public space, but in a seriously fun way," she said.

"It's a reclamation of sorts, almost like a temporary occupation, but with games as our weapon of choice."

Are you ready for some serious play? Head to the MPAC website for tickets or call 9550 3900.