Mandurah SES emergency response boosted by new equipment

Mandurah SES have been given a helping hand in their efforts to deal with emergencies, with the local lifesavers being provided with new safety harnesses by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

The group recently tested out their new equipment by setting up a roof safety system in a training exercise.

Mandurah SES deputy manager Will Norris said the organisation regularly had to work at height to defuse emergency situations.

"A majority of storm damage callouts are likely to involve some form of work at a height, whether it is climbing a ladder, working on a roof or hauling material up to an elevated area," he said. 

"The potential to fall from a height is greatly increased due to the conditions we work in, which includes stormy weather and damaged buildings..

"New Skylotec full body harnesses supplied by DFES, an upgrade to the previous issue seat harness, will make it safer for the SES volunteers when working at heights on roofs or in elevated positions.

"A new training resource kit has also been developed to accompany the issuing of the new harnesses to instruct the volunteers on how to fit and use the new harness correctly.

"This is part of the ongoing effort to ensure the safety and care of volunteers as they step up to carry out their invaluable work aiding their communities in their times of need."

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