Chucky, a star in the movie Oddball, fighting for life after hit and run accident

ONE of the Maremmas who stole the hearts of film fans across the world in the movie Oddball is fighting for his life.

Chucky, one of four Maremmas who protects a flock of 1600 chooks on Xavier Prime's Cororooke farm, was hit by a car.

Mr Prime and his partner Kimberley Burridge found Chucky on the side of the road about 10am.

"He couldn't walk," Mr Prime said. "His two back legs were badly damaged. However, even though he had gone through so much trauma, he managed to smile at us."

The couple rushed Chucky to their vet, who referred them to specialist Dr Chris Preston in Melbourne.

He found multiple fractures in and around his pelvic floor. Chucky is also in a lot of pain and has a catheter.

Mr Prime said the couple was devastated to see a member of their family in pain.

"We were so distressed, so upset," he said. "He's not just a working dog, he is a member of our family. We were so devastated."

The couple adopted Chucky, who was raised by Swampy Marsh, 12 months ago.

He was part of the cast of the movie Oddball, which tugged at the heartstrings of viewers across the world.

Mr Prime said meeting Chucky was one of the best days of their lives.

"There's Maremmas and then there's Chucky," he said.

"He is the dog that goes the furtherest to protect the chooks and he's also the first one wanting cuddles. We call him the cuddle monster at home."

Mr Prime said Chucky was the leader of the team of four Maremmas, teaching the younger dogs the ropes.

He said Zoe, Kip and Rose were missing Chucky.

"The other dogs are missing him terribly," Mr Prime said.

"Chucky's role in the team is as a father figure. The other three are only two and still learning. They're doing a lot of overtime here without Chucky."

Mr Prime said the couple was travelling to Melbourne each day to see their beloved pooch.

He said the vet had told them he is hopeful Chucky will be able to return home, but things were touch and go.

"One really positive thing is he is now able to eat by himself," Mr Prime said.

"Last night he perked up and he was showing signs of the Chucky we know. He likes to put his front paw over your leg and he did that last night for the first time."

Mr Prime said the couple started a GoFundMe page for Chucky and was blown away by the response.

More than $20,000 has been raised to pay for Chucky's specialist care.

Mr Prime said the couple was deeply touched by the outpouring of emotion and generosity.

He said the couple had stopped accepting donations and any funds not used for Chucky's treatment will be donated to Maremma Rescue Victoria.