Opinion: Crab Fest casts Mandurah in a positive light

Opinion: Crab Fest casts Mandurah in a positive light

The eyes of the state will be on Mandurah this weekend as our signature event, Crab Fest, takes place over two action-packed days.

The crustacean celebration is an award-winning, colourful and fun event that rightly has locals and potential visitors excited and salivating.

There are certainly a number of big bonuses for the community each year as Crab Fest rolls around.

The 2018 figures show that about 120,000 people engaged in the event last year, turning the city into a busy, lively hub.

The knock-on positive impact for business owners is significant, with a much-needed economic boost assured as people flock to the heart of Mandurah.

As reported by Kaylee Meerton on page 10 this week, the City has been keen to involve as many local businesses as possible and share the financial windfall around.

From an image perspective, a positive and engaging event like Crab Fest can only be a good thing.

The Mandurah showcase is the biggest free community festival in the state and as such it will shape plenty of visitors' image of our city.

While there has been negative news around the region of late in relation to crime, this must also be put in perspective.

Mandurah has a lot of positive stories for us journalists to tell and capturing the smiling faces at Crab Fest is one of the most enjoyable.

Lots of other towns and cities would love to have such a well-organised and iconic community event on their doorstep and as such we should cherish and enjoy this weekend's festivities.

Finally, Crab Fest is an ideal opportunity for the local community to celebrate their passion for life on the water.

Mandurah boasts an unparalleled aquatic environment and a water-mad populace, with the ocean delicacies to be heralded this weekend one of the highlights of living here.

Well done to everyone that has worked hard to make Crab Fest the success it is - it will be great to see the community rally behind the cause this weekend.

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Gareth McKnight is Mandurah Mail editor.