Natural looks you'll fall for this autumn

Now that autumn has arrived and the temperature has begun to drop, our home becomes a source of warmth and security.

Online platform for renovation and design, Houzz is peppered with photos that explore different ways of creating a pleasant indoor space, which includes elements of nature and connects with the outdoors.

Here are just some of the ideas that you should try in your own home this season.

House plants

Indoor plants have become a popular feature in the home, as homeowners and decorators look to introduce nature into their interiors during the colder months.

Two of the plants featuring regularly on the Houzz website are ferns and peace lilies.

Raw and rustic materials

Coffee tables made from distressed wood, copper pendant lights and leather chairs are an attractive choice to homeowners on Houzz, as they help add character to the home.

The natural hues from these materials will give off the warmth you crave in the colder months.

Natural lighting

Sunlight can pour in if you have floor to ceiling windows and skylights, keeping your house warm during the day.

This is also a great way to feel as if you are outdoors, while inside.

However, make sure your windows are properly insulated or you’ll feel a draught.

Art with references to nature

Choose art pieces that reflect the natural world, such as digital prints of the ocean or ornaments made from bamboo.

These kinds of decorative items work particularly well in neutral coloured rooms.

Timber floorboards

Treat your floor with timber and embrace a more raw look in your home (see photo above).

If you are looking to create indoor-outdoor flow, look for a hardwood species that comes in both indoor timber floorboards and decking.

This way, when the warmer weather returns you’ll be able to appreciate the outdoors again.