Rotary continues to help in local, international projects

Rotary is the one place where it does not matter who you are, other than how you can use your skills, knowledge and abilities to be of service to others.

The Rotary Club of Mandurah is one of many clubs around the world, and one of three in Mandurah.

Its club membership varies between 20-30 men and women of varied ages and interests.

Its program is varied and includes guest speakers who present a wide range of topics, usually relating to local issues.

While Rotary is an international organisation focused on fellowship, integrity, diversity, service and leadership, the club’s primary duty is right here in Mandurah.

We are proud to serve and support the community, working with all ages, hoping to make a difference and certainly enjoying ourselves doing so.

We are always delighted to hear from anyone or any group interested in knowing more about our club.

We welcome visitors and guests to join us at our meetings at Sunbreakers Restaurant, 110 Mandurah Terrace on Monday nights at 6.15pm over dinner.

This year the Rotary theme is "Be the Inspiration".

The club is involved in a broad range of humanitarian, intercultural and educational projects. The projects are managed through the Avenues of:

  • Vocational Service-Activities that encourages Rotarians to model high ethical standards and apply their business skills to the benefit of others.
  • Community Service- Activities that respond to the needs of local communities.
  • International Service-Activities that involve efforts from Rotarians in more than one country.
  • Youth Service-Programs and activities that engage young people up to the age of 30 in their community and in service projects that foster their interest in Rotary.

The Rotary Club of Mandurah Wishing Well grant application process closes soon so don't miss out.

See the link on our website for further details.

Rotaract is a group of young people between 18 and 30 who focus on the development of young adults as leaders in their communities and workplaces.

There are great reasons for joining Rotaract, some are:

  • to develop professional and leadership skills
  • to emphasise respect for the rights of others
  • to promote ethical standards and the dignity of all useful occupation
  • to provide opportunities for young people to address the needs and concerns of the community

A Rotary club works closely with a Rotaract club and members work side by side to take action through service.

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