Students celebrate Literacy Week

Literacy week was recently celebrated at Halls Head Primary School. Students came to school dressed as their favourite book character and participated in a parade.

Later that day they had a "Campfire Reading" where children went to a designated "campfire station".

Groups were separated into junior, middle and upper and teachers and education assistants manned the stations, when each group came read one or more stories to their group.

After 10 minutes the children moved to the next station.

On the Tuesday, children were given a writing prompt based on a theme and teachers awarded class prizes to selected students.

Work has been displayed around the school and celebrated on the Connect site for families to see.

On the Thursday a spellathon occurred and funds raised were put towards the purchase of resources in the literacy area.

In maths, studying nets and getting students to make their own treasure chest were activities for middle and upper students. For juniors, students were provided the net and decorated their own chest.

Education assistants  made clues to points around the school for students to find.

They received a "Six Kinds of Best" token as their prize. Each class was given a different time to complete the course throughout the week.

Teachers Miss Sheridan and Mrs Hackett pulled together a book hunt activity for classes to participate in when they have their library session for year 2 and up.

A prepared list was provided to the students asking them to find particular books in the library. Older students were required to list the title and Dewey number of the book while teachers modified the activity for younger students- depending on ability.

The mapping activity was a great way to cover skills from the HASS curriculum, combined with our literacy focus. Students were asked to make their own treasure map, complete with a key, scale, compass points etc.