Summer Daze at Ocean Road

In keeping with Ocean Road Primary School’s purpose to establish a consistent and sustainable positive behaviour support framework that uses an explicitly taught common language and is owned by students, staff and the school community, it employ the Positive Behaviours in Schools philosophy.

As part of the philosophy, students are rewarded for their consistent, positive behaviour and for displaying behaviours reflective of the school’s four core values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Kindness.

The reward system in place acknowledges positive behaviour on an individual, class, block and whole school level.

Last Tuesday, students in years 5 and 6 who have consistently displayed positive behaviour this term were invited to participate in a full day of water fun in a Summer Daze event as their block reward.

Students moved through a range of rotations on the day, including a water slide, cup relays, squirt gun challenges, beach ball games, water balloon games, footprints in the sand artwork and making their own sundaes.

Bodhi Koch’s favourite activity was the waterslide because he enjoyed getting really wet while sliding on it and Reilly Layton enjoyed eating the ice cream sundae he made with his friends.