'It's unsafe to live here': North Dandalup residents voice concerns over dust pollution | VIDEO & PHOTOS

North Dandalup residents have expressed concerns with their health after the town has been engulfed by dust from a nearby construction site. 

Buckby Contracting has been contracted by CY O’Connor Foundation Research Centre to complete earthworks, underground construction and roadworks at Lot 302 Del Park Road, North Dandalup.

Elish Tohu said her four children were covered in sand and dust when they woke on Tuesday morning, despite the windows and doors being shut.

It's unsafe for us to live here.

Mother-of-four Elish Tohu

"We are worried for their health," she said. 

"They had black sand on their face, clothes and bedding. 

"We have to keep washing our faces - even my ears were full of sand."

Ms Tohu said the family was unable to use air conditioning when it reached 37 degrees on Monday. 

"Our floors, carpets, bedrooms and cars are covered with sand and dust one millimetre thick," she said.

There seems to be no effort at dust suppression what so ever.

North Dandalup resident

"It's unsafe for us to live here."

Ms Tohu said she was not sure exactly what date the construction started, but the dust became worse after the weekend. 

"We know at least 20 residents who have made official complaints," she said.

South Street resident Deb Kay, who is on a disability pension, said she was going to have trouble cleaning her home. 

"Fine, black dust is over everything," she said. 

"It's going to be a mammoth task cleaning this up.

"We shouldn't have to deal with this."

Residents have took to a community Facebook group to express their concerns, including one man who questioned whether the construction company would pay for cleaning costs.

"There seems to be no effort at dust suppression whatsoever," he said. 

Bucky Contracting did not return several calls and an email from the Mandurah Mail.

Buckby Contracting sent a letter to nearby residents on February 22 advising the 16-week job would commence at the end of the month. 

The letter stipulates dust, noise and management plans had been sent, but not yet been approved, by the Shire of Murray.

Shire of Murray chief executive Dean Unsworth said the Shire approved the dust management plan last week, with requirements for dust fencing, water trucks and an onsite sign with contact details if residents experienced issues. 

"Following strong winds throughout the district, the Shire of Murray received reports of a dust issue at the subject site (on Tuesday)," he said. 

"To address these issues, development works onsite were immediately ceased until weather conditions improve, a third water truck was ordered to site and an additive was used to assist with stabilisation.

"Thus far, these initiatives appear to have assisted in managing the issue. The Shire of Murray will continue to monitor the site."

The CY O’Connor Foundation Research Centre, relocating from Cockburn, plans to be a hub for postgraduates and scientists to conduct research into agriculture.