Taking out the trash: Local community groups do their part for Clean Up Australia Day | Photos

Local community groups and councils came together last week to do their part for the annual Clean Up Australia Day event.

Officially marked on the first Sunday of March each year, community members across the Peel region headed outside with rubbish bags in hand all week to clean up the shores and streets of Mandurah and the Murray area. 

Mandurah Cruises kick started the clean up with a cruise event for local tourism businesses and community members on February 28.

Representatives from Eco BBQ Boats, Just 4 Fun Aqua Park, Peel Zoo and plenty of locals headed to the shores of Mandurah's Boundary Island and Channel Island/Creery Wetlands to pick up rubbish.

In just four hours, the team of volunteers collected 130kg of rubbish as well as large items like corrugated iron sheets, crab scopps, large foam boxes, tarpaulins, bricks and tyres.

Mandurah Cruises marketing manager Natalie Goddard said they mostly found plastic bags, food packaging, cans, bottles and rope.

"It was also very confronting to come across three deceased birds from fishing line entanglement and digestion," she said.

"But we are proud to say we have stopped 130kg of rubbish from entering our beautiful waterways, putting our dolphins and other wildlife at risk.

"It was a great way to do something good for our environment and get to spend time with others in our industry on a more casual level."

The Shire of Murray's 2019 efforts kicked off on Friday, March 1 with a team of volunteers and students from Pinjarra Senior High School teaming up to fish out three shopping trollies, a bike, a fishing rod and four traffic cones out of the Murray River.

They also filled thirty waste bags with trash collected from Cantwell and Morni Kep Parks.

Additionally, on Sunday March 3, Friends of the River - Peel successfully facilitated its 16th consecutive Clean Up Australia Day event concentrating on the removal of rubbish from the Murray and Serpentine Rivers, Delta Islands, local foreshores and South Yunderup Road.

Trash and illegal dumping have proven detrimental impacts on the environment, community spirit, local economy and tourism appeal.

Shire of Murray President David Bolt

They removed over 1.2 tonnes of waste from the waterways and surrounding bushland and foreshores.

Shire President David Bolt said litter was an ongoing concern for the Murray district.

“Trash and illegal dumping have proven detrimental impacts on the environment, community spirit, local economy and tourism appeal," he said.

“I applaud organisers and volunteers for their willingness to selflessly rally to clean up, fix up and conserve Murray’s unique environment.

“I encourage the wider population to follow the example of the Clean Up Australia Day participants and do their bit to keep our Shire litter free."

Coastal Waste Warriors joined Bouvard Coastcare on March 3 for their annual Clean Up Australia Day event.

The groups banded together to clear rubbish and debris along the coast at Melros and Florida Beach in Mandurah's southern suburbs.

Coastal Waste Warriors posted to their Facebook page and said they were expecting not too find too much during their collection, but sadly they were wrong.

"So many single use plastics, bottles, cans, straws, plastic bags, cigarette butts, building materials, takeaway wrappers and cups were found to name a few," they wrote.

"If only people would have more respect and use the bins provided."

Coastal Waste Warriors will hold another ocean clean up event on March 24 at Town Beach. For more information, visit their Facebook page.