Halls Head College students settle into the 2019 school year | Photos

Year 7 students at Halls Head College have already settled in to their new school for 2019 with plenty of fun activities to kick start the year.

New students came from a number of partner primary schools in the region including Ocean Road, Falcon, South Halls Head, Halls Head and Glencoe Primary School.

One of the first activities of the term was a year 7 parent welcome event hosted by student leaders and 'mentor mates'.

The school's youngest new students mingled and introduced their parents to each teacher who will be joining them on their learning journey.

This was followed by a meet-and-greet and walk around the school with principal Bronwyn White.

Ms White said it was great to get to know the new families.

"It is really important to have strong partnerships with the parents and carers of our students at Halls Head College," she said.

"Our students are here for six years and during that time we must all work together to find the best educational pathway for each individual student.

"Together in partnership with our parents this can be achieved to help our students achieve greatness."

Many nervous parents were also grateful for the opportunity to meet fellow families, students, staff and the principal.

Raerae Baz said she felt very welcomed.

"Met most of my son’s teachers and they were all very lovely and caring," she said.

"My son is growing in leaps and bounds and for the first time in years has started to enjoy school once again."