Peel environmental group intensifies control effort against rainbow lorikeets

The rainbow lorikeet is making its presence felt in the Peel region, and it's an unwelcome one according to a local environmental group.

The Peel-Harvey Biosecurity Group (PHBG) is intensifying its control efforts of the declared pest, saying they are "committed to preventing the spread of rainbow lorikeets."

Introduced to Western Australia in the 1960s, the species' original population of 10 birds rapidly spread and now poses an extreme threat to the state's agricultural sector.

Rainbow lorikeets cause significant damage to grape and fruit crops, compete with native animals for shelter and food, damage backyard gardens and carry diseases which pose a risk to both native and captive parrots, a statement released by the PHBG read.

With the species already established in the metropolitan area, the control effort has escalated in surrounding towns and regions including the local government areas of Mandurah, Murray, Waroona and Harvey.

The group is now calling on the public to report any sightings of rainbow lorikeets in the area, which can be made to the Pest and Diseases Information Service by calling 9368 3080 or emailing

Reports should include the GPS coordinates of known feeding and roosting sites, a picture of the birds for identification purposes and any impacts from their presence.

There are several methods landholders can use to deter the impact of rainbow lorikeets, including anti-bird netting and scare devices.

For more information, visit the Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group's Facebook page.