Coodanup College launch Innovation program for entrepreneurs of the future | Photos

Coodanup College have celebrated the launch of their new Innovation program for a certificate three in micro business.

The Mandurah high school is the only one in the state to offer the VET course as part of their curriculum, to teach students about entrepreneurship and innovation training.

The qualification, which provides students with the opportunity to explore and create, is a game changer for the youth in Mandurah, particularly as local youth unemployment continues to climb.

The certificate has an industry focus and project-based learning approach and will run externally for one full day per week during each school term.

Units in the two-year course include organising finances, taxation and insurance for a micro business, establishing networks and determining resource requirements.

We are immensely proud of you students and your commitment and dedication to your school and community and particularly to the future of this region.

David Templeman

Mandurah MP David Templeman, Mandurah mayor Rhys Williams and members of the Coodanup College board joined a variety of community members and Coodanup College students at Frasers Landing for the announcement on February 21.

Mr Williams said the latest program from Coodanup College proved that they were a school going "from strength to strength".

"Taking the road less travelled and being able to investigate your own way, to forge your own path is one of the most critical skills we can learn as young adults," he said.

"A course in innovation entrepreneurship helps to prepare you for the 75 per cent of jobs that are going to exist in 10 years, that don't exist today.

"More than that, it's going to give you the tools that we as a society need to be able to tackle the significant challenges that will arise."

Mr Templeman agreed, praising the school for their recent transformation, guided by the College's "tremendous leadership and passionate students".

"We are immensely proud of you students and your commitment and dedication to your school and community and particularly to the future of this region," he said.

"We not only have great confidence in you but we are so keen to support you in making sure you're aspirations, career paths, dreams and your places in the world are achieved.

"Congratulations to everyone involved in this initiative, grab it with all the hands you have because it's a fantastic opportunity for you young people."

Coodanup College named the learning and innovation space set to be used for the program after former WA chief scientist Lyn Beazley, presenting the science professor with a plaque in recognition of her life long dedication to children's learning.

Ms Beazley said she was excited to be involved in something that would "leave a legacy".

"I've had three things named after me now - the first is a deep sea sponge, the second is a fossil shark that lived 370 million years ago," she said.

"For me, having this centre named after me is just the tops, it's just amazing and I'm thrilled.

"We're leading the way - others will join us and we'll share our knowledge and experiences.

"This will create a better future for you, your friends and your family and the community and quite probably for the world."

Thirteen students have already started the course, spearheaded by Innovation program facilitator Paul Lintwin. They will be the first students in WA to complete the course.

Their first community project will be a pop-up shop at the Frasers Landing sales office on April 7. For more information, visit the Facebook page.