Pinjarra's ATAR results improve as Thomas and Harry shine

ACADEMIC: Pinjarra Senior High School’s 2018 VET Dux Thomas Avery and ATAR Dux Harry Bidewell. Photo: Adrian Toh
ACADEMIC: Pinjarra Senior High School’s 2018 VET Dux Thomas Avery and ATAR Dux Harry Bidewell. Photo: Adrian Toh

Pinjarra Senior High School has improved their median ATAR score for three successive years.

Last year, the school reached a level above that of like schools, and with the start of 2019, the school is determined to continue this upward trend.

Leading the charge in 2018 was Pinjarra Senior High School Year 12 dux of the school, Harry Bidewell. His performance in the WACE Examinations saw him achieve an ATAR of 98.7. 

Harry’s success can be attributed to his positive approach, strong organisational skills and work ethic.

“I’m stoked with the result and really enjoyed the process. Pinjarra Senior High School supporting me with resources and arranging access to additional courses through SIDE (School of Isolated and Distance Education),” he said. 

Harry also acknowledged the role of maintaining a balanced approach to senior school studies.

“The last two years of school leading up to exams were pretty demanding, so it was important to relax with friends at the local basketball courts, and my mates encouraged me a lot which really helped,” he said. 

“I’m also very grateful for my family’s support and understanding with my studies, which has been a huge help in achieving my goals.”

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Harry will be undertaking a double degree in electrical engineering and data science at Curtin University in 2019, having achieved a Curtin Excellence Scholarship to support his studies. 

“I’m excited for the future, looking forward to university life and planning a career in Renewable Energy.”

Harry is among a group of graduating students who achieved impressive results across academic and vocational pathways. 

The VET (Vocational Education and Training) dux Thomas Avery achieved a Certificate II in sports coaching in 2018.    

The high achievement of students in 2018 is a reflection of staff and student efforts to focus on success. 

Ninety eight per cent of students at Pinjarra SHS either scored an ATAR greater than/equal to 55, or a Certificate II or higher than the median score for all public schools. 

Adrian Toh is from Pinjarra Senior High School.