Irrigation transfer line to be installed in Halls Head despite budget blow out

Halls Head residents may soon see verges and reserves torn up when an irrigation transfer line is installed from the Halls Head Recycled Water Scheme Tank Farm to Quandong Park. 

While the project has been in the works for some time, City of Mandurah councillors voted on their preferred tenderer at an official meeting in January. 

The Halls Head Recycled Water Scheme extracts groundwater that has been infiltrated from the Waste Water Treatment Plant into the underlying groundwater aquifer.

The recycled water is then used for irrigating public open spaces and the Merlin Reserve and South Halls Head Primary School.

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The installation of the transfer line comes after the City of Mandurah identified the need to upgrade the infrastructure to accommodate the increased water flow and pressure required by the scheme.

At their January 29 council meeting, elected representatives were handed a report stating that Total Eden Ltd was the preferred tenderer for the job. 

Councillors showed unanimous support for a recommendation to appoint the job to the suggested business.

Despite the company being labelled the top pick by executives, the report also revealed the tender price exceeded the project's budget by $60,000. 

A risk analysis outlined in the report expressed concerns over the possible disruption to the local neighbourhood. 

Mitigating techniques were suggested to combat those concerns, including the utilising directional drilling, careful consideration and planning of pit locations. 

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