ATAR and VET result rankings: See how Mandurah schools compare

Western Australia’s highest performing schools have been revealed, with Mandurah’s high schools failing to make the top 50.

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) results were released by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) last week.

The results were calculated from all year 12 students in each school enrolled in four or more ATAR courses.

Perth Modern School took out the number one spot, with Carmel School coming in second and claiming highest honours for a private school across the state.

The top 50 schools include 15 public schools, 15 Catholic schools and 20 independent schools.

Top four Mandurah schools for 2018, based on median ATAR

  1. Frederick Irwin Anglican School
  2. Mandurah Catholic College
  3. Mandurah Baptist College
  4. Halls Head College

Frederick Irwin Anglican School topped the ATAR year 12 statistics for the Peel region, with a median ATAR result of 80.40.

The Meadow Springs private school also had the highest percentage of students to obtain an ATAR with 108 of 139 eligible year 12 students. Almost 98 per cent of their students graduated.

Out of 184 Mandurah Catholic College year 12 students, only 72 took the necessary four ATAR exams and completed with a median ATAR of 79.65. More than 96 per cent of their students graduated.

Of 104 Mandurah Baptist College year 12 students, 71 obtained an ATAR result with a school median of 73.95. Ninety-five per cent of their students graduated.

The only public school in Mandurah to make it into the table was Halls Head College with 47 students out of a possible 172 to receive an ATAR. Their median was 61.20.

A number of Mandurah high schools failed to make the list of ATAR results because they had less than 20 eligible year 12 ATAR students.

These schools included Pinjarra Senior High School, Coodanup College, Foundation Christian College, John Tonkin College and Austin Cove Baptist College.

Top nine Mandurah schools for 2018, based on VET achievements

  1. Coodanup College
  2. John Tonkin College
  3. Pinjarra Senior High School
  4. Austin Cove Baptist College
  5. Foundation Christian College
  6. Mandurah Catholic College
  7. Halls Head College
  8. Mandurah Baptist College
  9. Frederick Irwin Anglican School

Coodanup College had the highest percentage of students who achieved a certificate two or higher in VET courses.

With 42 students completing VET out of 45, 93.33 per cent achieved a certificate two or higher.

This compared to John Tonkin College in second place which had 93 out of 107 year 12 students studying VET courses. 86.92 per cent achieved their certificate two or higher.

Rounding out the top three was Pinjarra Senior High School. Sixty-four out of 83 year 12 students completed a VET course with 62.96 per cent achieving a certificate two or higher.