Mandurah mother follows inspiring locals in new documentary series 'Heartbeingz'

Mandurah woman Tanya Regan spends her days looking after her three children and her nights editing short films.

The secret to life is finding what makes your heart sing.

Tanya Regan

The Halls Head mother’s latest short documentary series Heartbeingz features the stories of individuals in the Peel region who live “a heart-led life”.

Regan said her children were the motivation behind telling the stories of inspiring Mandurah locals.

“I want to leave behind the message for them that we’re all different and we all have unique zones of genius,” she said.

“Life is about tapping into your potential and living it and there’s no one right way to live.

“I’m really driven to share inspiring stories about our community and about people who live authentically.

“I love connecting with people who work from the heart and are creative and driven, who dance to the beat of their own drum.”

Regan studied film making at university, completing a Bachelor of Communication in Media and Film Studies in 2004.

I want to create space through storytelling for the audience to be inspired and for the audience to tap into their own heart’s centre and their own purpose.

Tanya Regan

But it would be years later before she found something she was truly passionate about to reignite her her film making flame.

“Working with people who are heart-based and heart-centred has a bit of a ripple effect and is so inspiring,” Regan said.

“I want to create space through storytelling for the audience to be inspired and for the audience to tap into their own heart’s centre and their own purpose.”

Regan’s first film, Finding Frances, tells the story of Frances Edwards – co-founder of Wise Old Owl Craft, with her daughter Rachel-ann Martin.

Ms Edwards experienced “dark days” when she lost her husband, until finding solace in sharing her art and crafts with other like-minded people.

The short film was a finalist in the ‘Life in Pictures’ 2018 competition as part of the Revelation International Film Festival.

Regan said after the success of her first film, she started to realise the impact of her story telling and its potential to create change in the community, and improved her film making techniques.

“The first film I made I didn’t have any [equipment], but I was determined to get started so I borrowed my dad’s fairly average Handycam,” she said.

“I thought ‘I’ll just work with what I’ve got, borrow what I don’t have and just get started’.

“The second film I did, I started to invest in my own equipment and now I’m really up and running with my own gear.”

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Regan’s second film, Aaron: The Creative Path, features Mandurah musician Aaron Gwynaire and his creative journey incorporating music, art and drawing into game design.

Mr Gwynaire is a well-known music teacher in the Peel region and has inspired many locals to follow their dreams and pursue their passions.

Her latest short film, Mandala Magic, follows the mental health journey of Delys Griffin, owner of ‘Dilli Delli’.

Ms Griffin explains how her creativity and connecting with others through her mandala project has helped her heal and inspired her business venture.

Regan said her film making journey has also helped her find a lot of herself – something she said is so important for parents, but often overlooked.

“It’s so easy for parents, both mums and dads, to lose themselves in becoming a parent,” she said.

You can’t tell your kids to follow their own dreams if you’re not doing it yourself – you have to live your life by example.

Tanya Regan

“I was a someone before I was a mum and that person is important too.

“You have to keep a bit of space for your own dreams and it’s important for your kids to see that too because you can’t tell your kids to follow their own dreams if you’re not doing it yourself – you have to live your life by example.”

Regan said she hopes these documentaries are only the beginning of her film making journey.

“My goal is to be a social impact documentary filmmaker,” she said.

“These are my baby steps and my big goal is to make feature documentaries that are positive catalysts for positive change in our society.

“As hard as it is doing this sort of thing while you have kids, they’re also my biggest motivation and inspiration – I want to be telling these stories that are making the world a better place because that’s what I want to leave for my kids.”

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